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Yamada Kazuhiro.jpg


Oil on canvas

100×80.3cm | 31 1/2 × 39 1/4in


Corsica, a territorial collectivity of France and an island in the west part of the Mediterranean Sea, located in the west of the Italian peninsula. Known as home of Napoleon Bonaparte, Corsica is the fourth biggest island in the Mediterranean Sea, which is close to the Italian Peninsula despite French territory , and its beauty attracts a lot of tourists every year. The port of Bastia in Corsica island, the subject of this painting, is the most principal port of France in the Mediterranean Sea and is used by more than 20 million tourists every year.


It is said that it was about 6,000 BC when people began to live in Corsica island, and the ancestors made a living by keeping animals such as goats and sheep in this rich nature. There was a time when Corsica had been ruled by Roman Empire for about 1000 years since BC. Corsica had a suffering history of an oppression by the advancing city-state Genova in 12th century, however, winning a war of independence and establishing a nation in 1755, and later it became one of the French territories in 1768.

Influenced by a long control of Genova, even though Corsica is a French territory, there still remains Medieval streetscape which reminiscents of some Italian old city, and because of its historical landscape and taste, it is selected as "a city of art and history" of France.

In June 2016, I visited this city to attend an International exhibition held in Bastia, Corsica. My carrier as an artist began on this land. The sky in evening twilight was so overwhelmingly beautiful when I saw in Bastia in Corsica, my first destination in abroad, that I thought of depicting my emotional impression onto the canvas.

After merging with France in 18th century, Corsican language, Corsica's official language, and its unique culture were banned and it is said that they were once in danger of disappearing. However, in recent years, a movement of reevaluating its culture has been growing and Corsican language is again taught as an official language at school. The title of this work, "Ringrazia" means "Thank you" in Corsican language.

I conveyed my respect for the history and the culture of Corsica which accepted me warmly, and my gratitude to the islanders into this work.

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