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If there were an angel in the sky of Barcelona...

Oil on canvas

100.0 × 65.2cm | 25 1/2 × 39 1/4in


In the end of 2019, I was staying in Spain in order to attend the award ceremony of International ARC Salon Competition which was hosted by American Art Renewal Center. The ceremony was held in MEAM, European Museum of Modern Art on December 6th.
This work depicts the view of Barcelona from Park Guell where I went in the morning on the ceremony day.

Stepping up the stairs from the entrance on the 1st floor, I went up into the main hall on the 2nd floor. There were displayed about 100 artworks including the award- winning works which were selected from nearly 4500 entries from 73 countries.

The artists from around the world warmly welcomed me who came from Far East Asia. Such a warm welcome reminded me of the fact that art has nothing to do with races or borders and also of the power of art and its preciousness. All those thoughts made me happy. The time I spent there is an unforgettable precious asset in my life.

Soon after I came back to Japan from Barcelona, the world faced unprecedented difficulties caused by conflicts and disasters. They have been casting a shadow on art scene, and has been preventing us from keeping our promise of meeting there again. More than 2 years have passed since that day. However, I can’t help but feel that my soul is still in Barcelona.

It is this painting that I conveyed my feeling into my art.

I put my wish into the title of this painting; " If there were an angel in the sky of Barcelona, please make my wish that I want to go back there come true."

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