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Vanishing into the Blue

Oil on canvas

100.0 × 72.7cm | 39 1/2 × 28 1/2 in


After crossing the Tsunoshima Bridge, connecting Hohoku-Cho and Amagaseto in Shimonoseki city Yamaguchi Prefecture, Tsunoshima Island  comes into your view, which  is located on the west-end of Yamaguchi prefecture. The name of Tsunoshima Island is derived from the appearance of the two capes, Cape Makizaki and Cape Yumesaki, which resemble the sticking out horns of a bull.

It was the beginning  of October  in 2019 when I first  visited  Tsunoshima Island, during  the time when Salon d'Automne was held in Paris, France. The beautiful moment of the sun setting into the Sea of Japan, as seen from Tsunoshima Island, fascinated and inspired me to depict the scene, and made me wish to exhibit it at Salon d'Automne.

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